I believe that coaching is an important tool in helping people create lives that are fulfilling and sustainable.

What do I mean by that?    I have seen too many friends and family sacrifice themselves at the altar of fear and sell themselves out so they can be “secure”.  They make a deal with fear that they won’t take risks if fear will just go away.  But fear comes back again and again and forces them to live smaller and smaller lives.  It sucks the joy out of life. 

They wake up somewhere in their 30’s or 40’s and realize that they have sold out some of the best and most creative times in their lives for an illusion of safety and security.  They are bored and tired of their lives.  They wouldn’t know what they wanted if it came down and landed in their lap because it’s been years since they have asked themselves, “What do I want?”

I believe that everyone needs to learn how to take care of themselves.  In the long run, when you take care of yourself, you are able to give to others in a sustainable and long-term way.  You don’t burn out when you consider yourself a priority.

I was lucky—I was forced to learn how to prioritize myself because of a chronic illness diagnosis in my early 20’s.  Because I made myself a priority, I made better choices for myself.  I have become happier—my inner values and my life now match up.  Do I still have fears to face?  Absolutely.  Is my life perfect?  No.  But I have learned that I choose how I want to be in this world, no matter what my circumstances may be—good or bad.

I believe that if I can learn how to live like I matter, then others can learn it, too.  You matter!  I think that coaching is an invaluable support system if you want to live differently than you have been.  This is a continuous journey and practice.  The concepts are simple—the challenge is the constant practice, especially when our circumstances are difficult.

A great metaphor for coaching is that you and I are walking down a dark hallway together.  I am holding the flashlight, but you are walking your own path.  Are you ready to walk with me?


Dana Samardzich, ACC, CPC